Thursday, September 01, 2005

Idea #7: Expert Publication

Business Type: Information services

Estimated Start Up: >$5K. ( marketing, advertising, insurance, data collectors)

Where: Local markets

Potential Coverage: wedding industry, party planners, catering services, optometrist, doctors, beauty suppliers, grocery stores

Information is in big demand. Have you ever tried find a list wedding planners in your city? What about a list of venues to rent for a party. There is information out there, but it is not standardized. There is very little specialization occurring on the web. So the idea is make a publication, either online or offline that focuses, better yet specializes on one subject well. Instead of a phone book for everything, imagine a phone book for mechanics, child care or car washes. Industries that can not immediately benefit from the web like a product driven business. I guess I am taking the Real estate idea and expanding it to several areas.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Expanding on that idea a bit:
A teen guide to the city/region written by teens. This would be a great excuse to spend business money on finding out exactly what there is to do, when to do, etc.

- Russ

My (Jay's) Financial Blog said...

lol..looks like the first post was spam --- argh it is almost as bad as the food. lol. Anyway.

I once had an idea to organize all the menus for local restaurants in my city online. So people could browse the menu before they ordered out!