Monday, August 08, 2005

Idea #2: Real Estate Agent Ranking Site

Business Type: Online consumer data resource

Estimated Start Up: $15K.

Where: Local markets at first, with potential for national or regional growth.

Concept: What if you could view the stats of a real estate agent as easy as a professional ball player? Is the agent good or great? Expensive or competitive? Bilingual? What if you were a Texan that wanted to invest in San Diego real estate, but wanted an agent that specialized in multi family properties near universities?

This company would be in the business of data collection of real estate agents performance. Of course it would help if you started of local as there are well over 1 million real estate agents in the country. The company would communicate directly with the state department of real estate to secure the names and other public information stored on licensed agents and brokerages.

It would be in the mode of a "wiki" site where users play a large role in the addition of new data. Users add their experience and rank agents according to various ranking criterias.

1. Experienced buyers and sellers post comments on agents
2. New users come to find an agent
3. Agents come to read posts about themselves and competition

1. Possibly seek power of a market by centralizing information that was previously not available.
2. Advertise mortgages and related real estate services.
3. Publish annual reports
4. Advertising

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Devon Reese said...

i am a fan of this idea, especially with the already hightened awareness of the need to purchase property. Consumers are desperately looking for a way to find the one person who has their best interest at heart, who can close a deal, and who will not charge them an arm and a leg, or give them the run around in order to get it done.