Sunday, August 07, 2005


I decided to start this blog, to get some feedback on the way I think as an entrepreneur. Many times I have gotten great, at least what I considered to be great ideas for a product or service based business, but after sharing them with people that are not motivated, or after dissecting the ideas myself, I have found myself becoming stagnant in my follow through. So this blog is to serve as my sounding board to see if my mind is made for the boardroom suites or for the alleyway streets.

I know intellectual property and ideas are our greatest asset, blah, blah, blah, but until I take an idea and push it through, it just an idea.

I was really motivated to write this blog after finding
Neville's Financial Blog .

It was like I found some college kid, then saw his links on the web and began to realize that I was not alone in my quest to get out of the rat race and in the race of life.


SamSam said...

Just letting you know I'm in your boat. I get ideas, analyse them and share them with friends who aren't motivated. You've taken one step further and made your ideas public and opened em up for suggestions. good luck in your journey

Rob the Zombie said...

Haha, at the moment I keep a personal idea blog and I swear you hacked it, because I am seeing my ideas here (specifically the real estate agent site and howto web site). It won't do you no good though, I already have the domains! Muahahaha!

El Train said...

Yo zombie rob...

They say great minds think alike. No hacking here just good ol brainstorming. Leave me a link to your blog I would love to read it.