Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Idea #3: Exploit Google Maps

Business Type: Online data resource

Estimated Start Up: $2.5K. (programming cost, marketing)

Where: Local markets at first, with potential for national or regional growth.

Snapshot: If you haven't used GoogleMaps yet, then you were probably too busy playing Oregon Trails on your Apple IIe, or maybe that game of paper, rock scissors was too fun to give up.

But have you seen what some people are doing with Google's open source functions of Google Maps? Take for example. Craig's List + Google Maps = You can see potential apartment listings on a map, for free at least for now.

What if you took a similar approach of exploiting Google Maps with an ethnic/interest based search for specific cities? We know that CitySearch and Yahoo Local, etc have a long way to go before the produce constant useful results; its difficult to be all things to all people on a local level. This leaves room for the little guy.

1. Google Maps + Cuban/Persian/Italian Interest in Austin Texas
2. Google Maps + Gay Interest in San Diego
3. Google Maps + for Budget Minded in Charlotte
4. Google Maps + Athletes in Atlanta
5. Google Maps + BBQ Joints in Seattle
6. Google Maps + Real Estate Investors


1. Google adsense.
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Potential for interviews
4. Any other suggestions?

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