Sunday, August 07, 2005

Idea #1: How to website video

With the Internet's Big three: Yahoo, Google and MSN attacking the world of video search, the market for videos is ripe.


Create a website that offers how to videos on demand for people to use and learn from. Topics ideas:

I. Cooking - "How to bake a pound cake"
II. Home Improvement - "How to lay concrete" Four part series.
III. Child Care - "How to swaddle your baby"
IV. Auto Care - "How to check your breaks"
V. Computer - "How to color correct in PhotoShop"

The concept is to make videos ranging from 1-4 minutes that users can view and learn for free. Novice film makers using iMovie or other small scale editing tools can easily upload a clip for review and even get paid for each time their clip is viewed.

The site is free to registered users. The money is made via traffic, advertisements and category sponsorship and other creative ways of compensation. When the "VideoPod" becomes a hit then little videos like these would be perfect to watch on the go.

Any suggestions?


Smarty said...

Sounds good on paper but looks like there's a lot of work to do to set up the videos. You'll have to hire people for different jobs and that may cut down your margin profit. However, in theory, if you pay someone $200 to make a 30-min cooking video you can potentially earn ten times that over the long run. But you'll need a lot of money to pay people for the videos first, unless you have friends in each category willing to help you out first.

Jay's Financial Blog said...

not to mention a bandwidth hog! You better plan to make money quickly with this idea or else ou are set to lose out via bandwidth and hosting prices.