Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Outsourcing Tutoring to India: need insight

Many American companies are taking advantage of outsourcing service jobs to various foreign companies. There are several schools of thoughts as to whether this is good, bad or indifferent to the American economy. However, one such industry that I have been contemplating after reading larger established companies have taken advantage of outsourcing is academic tutoring to India. Did you know many tutors charge $50 and more an hour for advanced subject tutoring?

I have an idea in the making, however I was wondering if you knew of any resources for making contact with Indian students without getting on a plane and going to New Delhi?

This idea, has a great twist, but I need some assistance getting it off of the ground.


Jay's Financial Blog said...

I have a friend who has family in india -- she is a doctor and may know students in india...I may be able to help email me at jasonh1982(at)

Thumb said...

Interesting idea. But...

When I was in high school (a long time ago) I tutored kids in math. I learned that the key to being a good tutor is changing the way you teach a subject to cater to that particular student.

My concerns with outsourcing tutoring are such:

1) It would be very hard for someone in India to connect, relate, and then cater their tutoring to that particular student.

2) Many times a student needs tutoring because they have problems focusing when surrounded by lots of other kids. They need indivdualized attention. Without someone in the room, what stops the student from focusing elsewhere?

3) I've outsourced many projects to India and while the quality of work can sometimes be excellent, the accent barrier can be hard to deal with at times. It's hard enough for an adult to understand a thick accent sometimes. We should expect students to have to try?

It's an interesting idea but it would be a tough sell. Why would someone pay you when they can pay the local kid down the block the same amount of money?

Keep the ideas coming.


Jay's Financial Blog said...

those are all good points...what about finding english lit students and set-up a english editing business. That would be simply have editors on stand by to receive work (freelance editors paid per project)...if this interests you..I have a whole online system that I had built for is a total automated system where people can register submit essays...and than as the admin you can assign it to an editor and even have the person alerted by email when the essay is finished being edited. Anyway...just an idea. I friend of mine owns an editing business online and does fairly well...and most of his business is through doing flyer advertisments around campuses.

prakash said...

thumb is right !