Friday, September 30, 2005

Back to the Mainland

Sorry for the delay, I was...ummmmm.. spending quality time with the mrs.

Talk about expensive... While Hawaii boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the union at around 2%, they also have prices more expensive than Manhattan. A gallon of milk: $5. Gasonline: 3.40 and a pineapple from the Dole Plantation: 2 for $35!!!!!!

I have come up with some real good ideas in the off time. Check back soon to see the updates.

Aloha! and Mahalo!


nyc money said...

Geez that is expensive. Welcome back.

Justine Kaley said...

Even though I live in Aiea, Hawaii (on the island of Oahu) I know how expensive it can get. But no matter where you live if people learn good financial tricks of the trade you can live any where you want to.