Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cash Flow Idea #1

Concept: Many people that get in the stock market either dont succeed or fail to maximize their success because they fail to set real goals. If your goal is to simply "beat the market" at the end of the year and you are under young with very few responsibilities then you are essentially wasting valuable time. In about 6 months time, I plan to sell a piece of real estate and I plan to come into some good money. I am one of the lucky homeowners in California. So what am I going to do with this unexpected cash? Lets just say you too were able to benefit from a lump sum of money. For example $100K. If you made a goal of trading that 100K successfully 3% positive per month you could essentially have a job that pays you 36K per year. Imagine if you were able to trade successfully 6% a month, a 72K per year job. Trading is not rocket science, but I dont take it legality either. There is a difference between trading in your spare time and trading to pay the bills. Your hunger level is greater when all you have is dependent upon riding your winners and cutting your losers. And dont get greedy. If you think this is just a fantasy read The Kirk Report, living proof that is can be done.

Recap: You can trade your income each month if you have the desire and access to capital.

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Anonymous said...

But with trading for a living you have to survive the hard months and there are no benefits. A better approach might be to work even part time and learn to live off that and get the benefits. Then in your spare time trade to make as much money off of speculation as possible.