Monday, October 03, 2005

Kiyosaki Seminar in Los Angeles

This weekend I attended the Rich Dad's seminar featuring Robert Kiyosaki in Los Angeles, sponsored by local radio station KFWB.

A few notes on the seminar:

1. The workshop was attended by over 2,000 people. Over $85 a ticket at the door.

2. Kiyosaki used a couple of cuss words, some of the multi syllable kind. I dont know why but this shocked me. Kind of like learning about mom's sex life before dad. Whoa, too much information.

3. He professed that his mission is not to tell you how to make money, but to educate you so that you can figure it out yourself. He asked himself, how he made money and replied (one of the ways), "write a book that sold over 25 million copies and get a commission of $3 per book" I was like damn! Do the math on the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book alone.

4. I just wondered what was his cut for speaking as he spoke, from the top of his head for about 1 hour total during the entire workshop.

Thoughts on Kiyosaki:

1. I am a supporter of Robert, especially for beginning investors. His common sense approach provides a wealth of information that I would have never been privy too, as I grew up in a poor dad household.

2. While I support him for beginners, anyone that has spent more than a year reading his materials, needs to get out of the nest and start doing. As Robert will probably tell you, he makes his most money from those that are scared to leave the nest and always feel they need more information. One more book, one more CD, one more course, one more workshop. If you dont have something on the inside click and say I can at least try, then you will be the smartest broke person on the block.

3. His educational seminars run seamlessly and he really is an MC. Very little Q&A, very little information at a seminar that you cant get from the books. I admire his system, whether you agree with the message or not, the system is flawless for making money. And even his wife is involved, amazing. Take notes from the methods and focus less on the message.


nyc money said...

I don't have a lot of respect for the guy. I think everything he says is common sense, and I don't think you can invest in real estate if you are poor.

Jay's Financial Blog said...

I find what he talks about is the basics, and it give you a basic idea of how things work re: cashflow quadrant. I like what he has done because it got people thinking about how they are earning their money and how to start thinking differently -- however it is far from a step by step guide.

I too am not a fan of real estate!

Empty Spaces Inc. said...

you may not be able to invest in real estate if you're poor, but you sure can with good credit.
even if you don't have both, if you're willing to work hard you can still succeed. i'm currently buying property using a partners money and credit. i found the deal and i walk him through the process, and i get 50% of profits. said...

So many people get irritated when common sense is what they get from a book / seminar. Too bad because many people fail because they ignore common sense.

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