Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Idea #8: Child Care Cameras Online

Many of the ideas I come up with often are already in use. But the art of the deal is not inventing the hamburger, but rather creating a system that is so bullet proof, that you turn the hamburger into McDonalds.

I did some research on "nanny cams" and "child care webcams". I mean how great would it be for a parent to check in on their kids from work over a secure webcam? I know all of you single people may be wondering, what the hell am I talking about? But it is simple, the technology and conveniecne is already out there. This idea calls for the implementation of marketing such a product to business owners that probably lack the technical know how or fail to see the benefit of such a product.

Business Type: Childcare premium service sales

Estimated Start Up: <$2K. ( marketing, advertising)

Where: Local markets

Potential Coverage: national, unlimited

All that is required is a video server, web cams, a high speed web connection, and a secure login. But the best part is none of that is your concern. Essentially all you need to do is identify a company in your area that offers such a service and you and/or your sales team is armed with a product that has a high demand and a great ROI for either parents or child care owners.

Think of the same model that cabinet and carpet companies use. Most of them are not manufacturers of the products they sale, they just mark-up the products and order them for you. As for profit potential, that depends on how you set up your business plan.

At Larrin's for profit ideas, we dont make a lot of the ideas you have, we make a lot of the ideas you have better.

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