Monday, November 21, 2005

You know what really grinds my gears II

I really enjoyed expressing myself in my first gear grinding post, so i asked myself why not go for another one.

I. If you are in the business of making money for yourself outside of your job, there will always be somebody that feels they need to compete. So when you tell them you invest in stocks or have a small internet business, then they feel the need to tell you "they have been there and done that" but it did not work for them. Or the subject of how their best friend's uncle is Warren Buffet's maid. This is where we get the phrase," silence is golden."

II. Kids in high school that are feed the lie, if i go to college and get a degree i wont have to work at McDonalds "flipping burgers". First of all, the only thing a degree will guarantee is that you will have 4 year years of tuition to pay for. Trust me plenty of college grads may not flip burgers, but they sure as hell carry them to me as i sit down to eat at the $6 burger joint. A degree is a great assest, but in life unless you have incredible skills, its about who you know, not how many degrees you have. Besides, America's richest man was a one time college drop-out.

III. People that get cell phones that they cant use or dont even need. What is the point of buying a Treo 650 if all you are going to use is the speaker phone function. "You aint that business", so go get a smaller phone.

IV. People that swear up and down that leasing a car is bad and that buying is the only way to go. Their argument, at the end of 5 now even 6 or 7 years, I will own a car, and you wont own anything. I wont argue which is better in this post, but I will say what you own is a depreciating asset, thats worth about 30% of what you paid for it, and about 20% of what you paid in total finance charges. And whats your reward for buying your car? Your warranty expired 3 years ago!

V. Lastly, People still caught up in race, when doing business. Its freakin 2005/2006! I think times were better when the Klan and Nazi's were easily recognizable. At least then ignorance was vocal and it would tell you why they would prefer that you or your kind would not patronize their businesses. Today, it is very subtle and covert. Its too bad that many people lose out on great opportunities because they have prejudged someone else based on their ethnic make-up. And whats real bad its not just minorities that are victims, but nowadays a lot of discrimination is given by minorities. Do you think Bill Gates or Donald Trump care about any color but green when it comes to buying their product?

And thats all i have to say about that.


Anonymous said...

You sound somewhat hostile towards college education. My guess is you didn't earn a degree, graduated with a degree in a study (e.g. psychology or sociology) instead of a profession (e.g. accounting, architecture), or failed to capitalize on the value of your degree.

True, kids overestimate their out-of-college income greatly, but it makes for much better earning potential than without, as reflected by surveyed income levels at 5 years post-college, 10 years, and beyond. And what about the education and life experience that going through college imparts? College isn't just for money, after all. It's also a right of passage that helps develop character for many.

I guess the point of my comment is that not having a college education is a great risk and essentially guarantees an uphill battle--both financially and experientially. I think--because you've apparently found financial success to be less difficult than most do--you have a narrow view of college and have forgotten the greater good it does for a society in terms of education and standard of living.

Don't take this as an assault; I just wanted to express my opinion of the majority perspective.

El Train said...

i respect your comments. for the record i graduated from ucla and got my masters from columbia. and you are 1/2 right i have a dual degree in sociology and computer programming. masters in educational software development. my main point is that society tells people that dont attend college, you might as well committ suicide. i am all for lifelong education and college for those that choose it, but information is key, even google investors need plumbers.