Friday, November 18, 2005

Am I a prostitute or barber college student

I must beg the question, am I really selling myself for less than I am really worth? I dont mind blogging, but sometimes it feels like a chore. I am sure you have read the "superstars" of blogging. You even look at their feedback and ask yourself, how come I dont get 30 comments, for a crappy post? You know who I am talking about, and no knock on those guys but lets deal with the real, most personal finance blogs are the equivalent of getting a haircut from the barber college. If your money goals were acheived would you really have time to write about how you plan to increase your wealth? Sometimes you may even say to yourself forget about 30 posts, what about 30 page views?

Some bloggers get all the love, the house, the 7 figure mate, the Mercedes, the tennis courts and the front row tickets at the show. Then there are bloggers like me, I feel like I should have better results but I dont. Thus i whore my thoughts for a measly few visits per day. Dont get me wrong I am thankful to have anyone read my thoughts, but there came a time in Brad Pitt's (bio)life when he said, I cant keep dressing in an El Pollo Loco chicken outfit, and will get paid what I am worth. I am working hard to give up my chicken suit, because I know i have a great voice, a great mind and I can do better than the backpage of the paper.


Anonymous said...

Which personal finance blog gets 30 comments on a post? Seriously, I'm curious!!!!!

El Train said...

take a look at and and a few more.

My Financial Network said...

I think the reason why Nev gets so many visitors and comments is because most comments are based on contraversy --- people bitching at people or putting Nev down -- either way its entertaining to read.

Jose Anes said...

Blogging is like any artistic expression. Making money is a second priority. Very few do.

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