Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Real Estate and so called professionals

As a real estate investor, it amazes me how many "haters" there are out there. For instance when I call an out of state lender and tell them I need a loan, they are more than glad to direct me to their "best loan" package. But then when I tell them that I make a substantial portion of my income from my investments and side businesses, I often get called a "day trader" or "house flipper" or even a risky prospect. If I can make more money investing in the stock market in one month, then the professional Agnet, broker or lender does in 4 months, that means that I am a risk?

I dont understand why is that at 25, I get so many people that will on one hand say, you are doing well for your age, but in the same sentence tell me that I am trying to take on too many risks. Aren't you supposed to take risks when you are young and have the tolerance.

Please understand this, in Robert Allen's book, the One Minute Millionaire, we are exposed to the three rejection rule. This means that until you have heard the third rejection, you have not really been exposed to a persons true intentions. I wish to advise anyone reading this post, that no matter your age, race or investment strategy don't ever get down from someone that choose to take the easy route.

At the SuperBowl there are thousands of reporters, hundreds of announcers, fans in the stands...... but at any given time, only a chosen 22 can occupy the field at one time. Those guys on the field are the ones playing the game, the others are just commenting on second hand information.