Friday, February 17, 2006

Why we should blame ourselves, for broke friends!

In life its so easy to compare ourselves to our friends, classmates, co-workers, people at church or even people we see on tv. Please don't act like I am the only one. I am going to give you a quick quiz, if you are guilty of any of these then this post is for you. If not, then read the follow up.

  1. Have you ever compared the car you are driving to the car of someone in your social circle and said, a. my car is better, b. if i lived at home with my parents, my car would be better or c. she is 8 years older then me so when I get to be her age my car will be better.
  2. Have you ever watched a lifestyle show like Cribs and said, so and so's house is not as big as celebrity #5, therefore he is a poser?
  3. Have you ever talked about a buddy for buying a knock off accessory? "That was a fake Coach bag, I would never!"
  4. Have you ever said to yourself that if I had the money that friend #3 had, I would have turn that $100K into a million six times over.
The point i want to make here is this. Its not enough to just stop comparing yourself to your friends and colleagues. The next level of higher thinking deals with creating a plan that will broaden the spotlight to not just you but to your loved ones as well. Any person of any real substance, will do their best to succeed so that they can bring their loved ones with them. Any person worthy of being labeled a friend, should desire that their success is not complete, until they have set their friends up as well.

Real Life Examples: I was a classmate in college with a guy named Todd Ramasar, agent to an all star NBA player. They were friends/teammates in college. It was not enough for this player to get an NBA contract and buy his friend a car, he made this guy his agent.

I have another friend whose brother plays for the Denver Broncos. How easy would it be for this guy to buy his sibling what she wanted and tell her to never worry about a thing. Instead he offered her an opportunity to manage one of his business ventures.

What about the nepotism in politics, like the Bush Cheney relationship. What about the Bush-bush relationship? Think about almost any internet startup, the co-founders of Google, what about the Walton family of Wal-Mart fame. Dont you understand it is lonely at the top, so its necessary to bring your friends with you.

In conclusion I will leave you with this point. Becoming successful as an individual is the equivalent of getting to second base in baseball. You are in a good position to score, but until you get your friends to score as well, you have failed to realize your potential in life. The next time you at your friend's shortcomings you should see your shortcomings as well, because if you were in a position to bring her up, would that not be the best?

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Devon Reese said...

I think that we are all guiltly of this to some point. But I choose not to live my life by it. I think that those people who tend to stay involved in others lives and focus on what others have, so that they themselves can attain more, never really reach the inner peace and happiness that can come from self fulfilled successes.