Friday, December 09, 2005

Irregular Inspiration

In life different people are inspired by different people. For some, religious leaders or symbols like Ghandi or the Cross provide inspiration. For others inspiration comes from an ill or deceased loved one, like the "cancer kid" who asked the ballplayer to win a game in his honor. In this post I wish to tell you exactly who i get inspiration from.

Do you know who inspires me?

i am constantly inspired by people that make money in spite of their intellectual resources. In other words people that can accumulate wealth, not because they have the best grades in school, create the best investment systems or even come into money due to their relative's hard work, but because they have an innate knack for making money. Here are a few examples of people in my life who fit this exact structure.

  • I meet a restaurant owner, who does not even cook, keeps loose financial records, and does very little advertising, but the place is always packed and the food is good. who says you need to know a business in order to get in that business.
  • I know a gentleman that owns a mattress production company. Easily does 7 figures of work per year and does not even own a computer. no college, basic math skills and is bilingual. the guy has a nose for money and is a good people person.
  • I have a friend that works a job making $11 an hour, yet through side gigs and relative frugality, this person has managed to save $10K in 2 years, while living away from parents and no credit card debt.
In other words, if you are reading this blog I promise you that you know someone in your circle who claims that Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki or an entertainer like Jay Z or Jessica Simpson inspires them into success. But i think that is a narrow view for business inspiration. For every billionaire there is a person that has squandered a great fortune, thus anomaly heros should be taken out of the equation. But the little guy that makes money all day everyday, found in every neighborhood, that came from nothing and uses bare essentials to get on top, i believe is a greater source of inspiration when one begins to search for examples to model themselves after.

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Smarty said...

Nice post. I like it and I agree with you.

My idols are those who work hard and carry actions in their plans to make money regardless of their circumstances. I'm inspired by people who start from the bottom and through ambition and dedication move their way up the financial ladder.

I don't like people who complains more than they work, who dreams big yet do little, who's all talk and no action, and the likes, etc.